Build Muscle And Burn Fat With This Simple Diet

Does this ever happen to you? You start a brand new diet, you’re super excited about it, you say to yourself this time I’m really gonna do it, this time I’m really going to get the body that I want! You stick to the diet perfectly for one maybe two weeks, and then inevitably you have that dreaded craving, it kicks in so hard and you lose all the willpower and you give in. You start eating all the food you’ve been restricting yourself of: cookies, ice cream, pizza, whatever you specifically crave…

Let’s say you start to binge on a Thursday, you think to yourself, “i’m going to be perfect starting Monday.” Then the entire weekend you fall off your diet all with the hopes of starting and following it perfectly Monday. And the cycle repeats.

If this happens to you you’re not alone. This happens to me every time I try to diet. And I’m a personal trainer. I know how to calculate what I’m supposed to eat when I can fit in junk food and still I’ll have periods where I’m really good and periods where I binge. And I’m just plain sick of this.

Finally, I stumbled upon this Doctor named Paul Saladino. Who prescribes a different approach when he is helping people get healthy and in shape. He goes completely against the mainstream, and what he suggests is something called an animal-based diet. He was getting so many different testimonies on his social media, and the results speak for themselves. I decided what the heck, why not try it? All other diets have failed me. I look in shape and fit but I’m not as ripped as I want to be, so maybe this is it.

Here’s what the diet is: you base the center of your meals around well raised animal products. This includes grass fed meat, wild caught seafood, Grass fed animal organs, pasture raised eggs, etc. then you add in the easiest to digest carbs, this is things like fruits, honey and a few vegetables.

To me this diet made sense why not have the main Food you intake be from healthy animals, they’re packed full of nutrients great for maintaining or gaining muscle and they’ll help you stay full. Then you cut out things like grains, processed foods, and vegetable oil ‘s, which are all inflammatory and in my opinion are easy to cut out once you’re taking in the right things. 

This is my experience in the past six weeks of doing this diet. I have far less cravings for ice cream and pizza. I am leaner than ever. I’ve dropped about 6 pounds, gained strength in the gym, and now my abs are visibly showing! This diet gives me the energy to train hard, and the best part is you don’t have to restrict yourself, you can eat as much as you want from the list that Dr. Saladino prescribes.