How To Progress Faster From Your Workouts

I’ve come to realize that making progress in the gym comes down to two things. The first thing being consistency. You have to be willing to put in the time, your body does not get better when you skip workouts and slack off. The second thing that you’ll need in order to progress is intensity. Your body adapts and gets stronger when it is given a reason to make those adaptations. If you’re not pushing yourself hard when you’re in the gym, your body has no reason to make a change. When you are training with heart and intensity your body will realize that it needs to make a change to get stronger and better.

This is where the blood, sweat, and tears motto stems from… if you truly want to make a big change in your body, you have to dig deep, have a burning desire and push through the pain. 

So if you’re ready for blood, sweat, and tears, read on and I’ll show you exactly how we’re gonna make those changes.

We’re going to need a plan that will systematically overload the muscles allowing you to make gains. You can’t just go from benching 100 pounds to 300 overnight… 

But, overtime we can make progress and get you to your goal. The term for this is progressive overload… this is defined as the gradual increase of the stress placed upon the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

You need to place the right amount of stress on your body in order for it to adapt and get better, but not too much where your body can’t recover from the workouts. So how do we find the perfect amount of stress? 

We have three options for progressive overload. You can use one at a time, or a combination of the three.

Option 1: Increasing the weight that you’re lifting on a certain exercise over a period of time. For an example take The Deadlift, if you start out lifting 200 pounds for five reps, overtime you want to increase the weight slowly by adding 5 pounds every time you can get the five reps easily.

Option 2: increase volume… What this means is you increase the total number of sets and reps you do in a work out. So say you are doing an upper body workout and you usually do five exercises with three sets on each exercise. In order to increase volume all you do is add an extra set onto each exercise. 

Option 3: Take shorter rest periods. By taking short rest periods you’re increasing the amount of work you’re doing in a shorter period of time. This will force your body to adapt to a workout where you are spending less time resting and more time working.

A good workout program will incorporate at least one of these options and sometimes will include more than one. The trick is knowing when to use which option and giving yourself enough time to recover from the increased workout intensity. Once you get the formula right you will ensure that you’re placing a greater and greater stress on your muscles forcing them to get stronger and better overtime. 

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