Should You Hire an Online Personal Trainer?

Online fitness coaching is a form of fitness coaching where you work virtually over the internet or through phone calls with a qualified fitness professional who creates custom fitness and nutrition plans to help you reach your goals. While the specifics vary, a successful online trainer will work with you personally, taking you step by step through the process of transforming your body. They will be there to provide encouragement, support, and accountability along the way in addition to the workout and nutrition guidance.

Who Should Use an Online Personal Trainer?

You have some experience with working out, but you feel stuck in a rut and have stopped making progress.

If you have exercised in the past but feel lost or are in an exercise rut currently then online fitness training could give you the clear, step by step plan you need to take all the guesswork out of your training.

 You are a busy person that needs flexibility.

Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, running your own business, in the military, or a supermom or superdad always on the go, online fitness training can provide the structure you need with enough flexibility to be able to live your life. Successful online training works in a way that allows fitness to fit into your life without letting it take over your life.

You have a specific goal?

Want to compete in a master’s weight lifting competition? Ready to make a 40 pound weight loss transformation? Need an expert to help you become “fit over 50?” Ready to run your first marathon? Trying to get back up after an injury? Online personal training allows you to connect with an expert specifically in your field, no matter where you are located.

You are an over-thinker.

If you tend to spend hours combing the internet and magazines for the latest fitness trends but you struggle to make sense of it all, then a highly qualified fitness professional can put their years of experience to work for you so that it makes sense. The amount of misinformation on the web is crazy. A competent trainer with the heart of a teacher will give you clear guidelines that are easy to understand and make sense for your lifestyle and your fitness goals.

You prefer to workout from home.

It can be so convenient to workout from home especially if you have some workout equipment there, however it is easy to get distracted at home in particular. With online training you will have specific workouts that your trainer creates using just the equipment you have available and they are counting on you to complete these assigned workouts. Having to answer to someone else can help if you have all the equipment but find yourself having a hard time getting motivated.

You are looking for accountability.

One of the very best parts of online fitness training is that a good trainer will require you to report back to them frequently. They will want updates on the physical changes you are seeing in your body through photos and measurements, they will want your feedback about how you are doing and how the programs and workouts are working for you. Additionally, they will want to know how your overall fitness is improving, changes in your strength, your flexibility, and your cardiovascular endurance. If a trainer is only interested in the number of pounds you lost on a scale, then you should consider switching to a new trainer.

Who Should NOT Use an Online Personal Trainer?

While online personal training can be a good option for many people, there are cases where online training is not recommended. Here are some cases where it might be better to work with someone in person

You need someone to be sure you show up.

If you lack motivation to work out and need someone that is expecting you at a session you are paying for, then regular personal training could be a better option than working online.

You are concerned about performing exercises safely or are brand new to working out.

Those that are complete beginners or feel very uncomfortable with weights may need an in-person trainer watching their form with every exercise. After gaining experience, you might then be able to transition to online personal training.

You have significant injuries or limitations from your doctor.

An in-person trainer can watch your form closely to be sure you’re not putting yourself in danger. While a good online trainer will write your programs in a way that avoids exercises that you should not do, if you have significant injuries and you are concerned then it is generally better to have someone there assisting you with each workout.

What Should You Look for in an Online Fitness Coach?

If you have been thinking about online training, what specifically should you be looking for? Here are some questions to ask before you begin:

What kind of experience do you have and how do I know that you will make me a priority?

With social media being overrun by “fitness gurus” that love showing off their body for vanity, it can be difficult to find someone who is actually going to help you achieve your goals. When you are searching for a trainer that will be there for you, it’s critical that you choose someone that has experience working with people like you, ones that have similar goals to you. The best online personal trainers will be 100% committed to running a business and will treat you professionally. Dabbling part time as an online fitness coach while balancing a full time job and family or while finishing school means that you will be low on the priority list. Instead, look for an online trainer that has been successful enough to make this into a career and has the success stories to back it up.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Real progress takes time and should come from a combination of healthy eating and proper training. If a trainer promises that you will lose 20-40 pounds in a matter of a few weeks….run. They are either embellishing to get you to sign up, or they will ask you to eat a crazy low calorie diet while performing excessive cardio everyday. This might give you quick weight loss results in the short term, but long term will slow your metabolism and cause you to actually gain weight. 

 What is your coaching style?

Do you prefer a coach that is supportive and understanding or one that is tough and pushy? Are you looking for knowledgeable cheerleaders that will get behind you and lovingly kick you in the pants when you need it or one that is hard nose and demanding? The best online fitness trainers are a balance of support and understanding while still expecting the best from you. I find it helpful to read success stories of online trainers to find out what kind of coach they will be for you.

What Are the Top Personality Traits of Online Personal Trainers?


Having a smile on your face is welcoming even behind a screen. A standoffish online personal trainer can be a real downer. When interviewing prospective online trainers see if their personality is inviting and if they have a welcoming energy. Training is hard enough and no one wants to have a sourpuss in charge.

Good Listener

Being a good listener means your trainer will be sympathetic to your needs. An online trainer who understands your needs will put together the right program for you. During your first call with a trainer you should be able to ascertain if they are listening to you or not. Also, if time goes by and you find that your trainer isn’t listening to what’s been going on with your training plan, feel free to switch trainers. Sometimes online trainers just want to plug you into a standard plan that they’ve already created. If things end up going awry and they can’t adjust based on your feedback, then it’s probably time to find someone new.


A motivating online trainer is a must. That motivation must translate through a screen. Even if your trainer through social media posts provides a quick workout post it’s still a plus to be motivated through your screen. They need to be there to help you through the difficult workouts and you need to know that they’re behind you 100%.


This one is huge. You want a personal online trainer that will engage you and command respect and that their confidence will influence you to become confident as well. This makes for a successful program. 


You want to feel your personal online trainer is a real person, not someone who eats salads all day and works out for four hours. The best online personal trainers are transparent and relatable even while using social media. The best online trainers will be experienced, well versed in training methods and always request (and apply) feedback. A good online fitness coach will work with you as a team, will take your input into account, and have the heart of a teacher.

If you are looking for expertise, support, and motivation at an affordable price then please contact Nick Ball Fitness. Life is full of hurdles, just don’t let finding a great personal online trainer be one of them.